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Panic in Canada After Possible Terrorist-Related Shooting


Ottawa was put on a heightened state of alert Wednesday after a man fatally shot a Canadian soldier and then burst into the Parliament building where he fired his weapon multiple times before being shot dead. The incident led to building lockdowns, the evacuation of the country's prime minister and the cancellation of the Ottawa Senators-Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. Canada had already raised its national terrorism alert level Wednesday when a Canadian soldier was killed in a hit-and-run by a man suspected to have been a radicalized jihadist. The gunman in Wednesday’s shooting was identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian national. His victim was Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a member of the army reserve from Hamilton, Ontario. Two other people were reported injured but their wounds are not considered serious. 


Secret Service Dogs Stop Another White House Fence Jumper


An unarmed man jumped the White House fence Wednesday evening but was promptly stopped by K-9 units of the Secret Service. The incident came a little more than a month after accused White House fence jumper Omar Gonzalez got as far as the East Room while carrying a knife before he was finally subdued. This time, the alleged jumper, identified as Dominic Adesanya, 23, of Bel Air, Maryland, was attacked by dogs after landing on the North Lawn. Secret Service agents then immediately took the man into custody.


Huge Academic Scandal at UNC Involved Athletes


The University of North Carolina admitted Wednesday that about 3,100 students took so-called "paper classes" with no faculty oversight and no actual class attendance from 1993 through 2011. The school estimates that half of the students were athletes, mostly from the UNC's basketball and football teams. Wednesday's report goes much further than when the scandal first came to light in 2011, which initially stated that it was only about academics. This revelation, however, drags the UNC's vaunted athletic program into the morass.


CDC Mandates 21-Day Monitoring of All Travelers from Ebola-Affected Nations


In a new effort to ensure Americans' safety, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday that anyone returning to the U.S. from Ebola-affected countries must undergo mandatory 21-day monitoring, Travelers arriving from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, where Ebola has killed at least 4,900 people, will be given a home kit with a thermometer and Ebola information so that they can monitor themselves and report back to the CDC. Travelers will need to take their temperature twice daily and answer several questions about their symptoms, according to the CDC.


Former Blackwater Security Guards Guilty in Shooting Deaths of Iraqis


Four former guards of a U.S. security company hired to protect diplomats were found guilty Wednesday in the September 2007 shooting deaths of 14 Iraqi civilians and the wounding of 17 others. The men, who were on trial for a second time after their case was dismissed in 2009, claimed their convoy came under attack in Baghdad and were returning fire. However, federal prosecutors successfully argued that the former Blackwater guards were the aggressors in the incident and showed "grave indifference" to bystanders who were killed or injured by their actions. A jury convicted Nicholas Slatten of first-degree murder, punishable by a maximum of life in prison. Paul SloughEvan Liberty and Dustin Heard were found guilty of lesser charges, including multiple counts of voluntary manslaughter.



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Lifestyle Report


New Warning About Frequent Restaurant Dining



If you can afford to do it, why not dine out as much as possible?

Well, researchers at Queens College, City University of New York are advising against it and not purely for financial reasons.

According to lead author Ashima Kant, when people dine frequently at restaurants, they run a higher risk of putting on the pounds and boosting bad cholesterol as compared to those who mainly enjoy their meals at home. 

In an analysis of 8,300 adults in the U.S. between 2005 and 2010, people who ate at least six meals in restaurants on a weekly basis had a higher body mass index, lower levels of good cholesterol and a deficiency in Vitamins C and E.

Who are the worst offenders? Generally, college-educated men in their 20s and 30s who earn good salaries.

As for why restaurant fare isn’t a great choice on a daily basis, the obvious answers are too much salt, too much fat, large portions and not enough fruits and vegetables offered.

Coffee and Beer May Affect Some Couples' Ability to Conceive



Coffee and beer are a couple of America’s favorite beverages but one may possibly be better than the other when it comes to couples who are having problems conceiving.

According to a surprising study out of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, coffee consumption by men seems to impair infertility treatments. However, a man’s beer drinking might increase the odds of pregnancy, although researchers are not suggesting they imbibe in great quantities of suds.

In a study of 105 men involved in vitro fertilization treatments over seven years, couples in which men drank at least 24 ounces of coffee daily were half as likely to conceive than those in which males drank less than an eight-ounce cup daily.

Meanwhile, couples enrolled in IVF had more luck with live births when the man had the equivalent of two 12-ounce beers daily compared to other couples with limited alcohol consumption among men.

Why do beer and coffee have these effects? Scientists admit they’re stumped and with a small sample size, they’re not about to make any recommendations until further studies are conducted.



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